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Live Event Digital Broadcast Producing & Strategic Content Development

Why hire Levy Media Productions?

Your school is producing, or wants to produce, live digital men’s and women’s athletics events and is looking to elevate content quality.


Your digital content development and production process needs improvement and is looking to enhance social media, fan and alumni engagement.

A growing number of college conferences have negotiated broadcast deals in today’s competitive marketplace with digital distribution platforms like ESPN3, ESPN+ and Stadium to carry its men’s and women’s live sporting events.

The increased amount of content for alumni and fans across the country is vital for college athletic departments focused on driving revenue, maximizing recruiting exposure, building social engagement and elevating brand awareness.

The challenge is getting these events and content produced with a high level of quality while maximizing staffing, resources and the available budget.

With nearly 25 years of ESPN broadcast and producing experience, we can provide you with a game plan and production playbook that works for you, your needs and your specific goals.

Live Event Broadcasts

Are you producing, or would you like to produce, live streaming events for your Fall, Winter & Spring men’s and women’s sports?  What are your biggest challenges?  What is your ultimate goal?

Here’s how we can help.

Digital Content Development & Production

What is your current digital content game plan both for day-to-day and long-range planning?  Is it meeting and/or exceeding your expectations?  Is is maximizing your brand, telling your student-athlete stories, and connecting and communicating with your alumni and fan base?

If not, we can help you reach your goals.

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